Who we are…
HM Studios is a Cairo-based architecture, interior and Graphic/media design firm, committed to providing its clients with innovative, contemporary, and functional designs, along with exceptional quality and service standards. Established in 2009 by architect Hazem Mamdouh.

We work in collaboration with design firms, specialized consultants, contractors and manufacturers to guarantee the highest level of specialization and professionalism.

Whether creating spaces or products, the bringing together of different ideas and inspirations to form a complete and original whole is what HM Studios is all about.

Our emphasis is always on simplicity and functionality coupled with the use of diverse indigenous materials and quality local craftsmanship, resulting in intelligent, creative designs that are beautifully detailed. Starting with a staff of two in 2009, HM Studios has since grown to include over 10 dedicated employees. Our design team includes architects and designers, many of whom are also artists, creating an environment that is fresh, creative and dynamic. With strong backgrounds in architecture & interior design, our team is well qualified to cater to the unique wishes of each client.

Hazem was educated at Misr International University where he received his Bachelor Degree in Science of Architectural Engineering June 2006. He has practiced the art of Interior Design. Early in his career, Hazem worked in a variety of environments, enhancing his architectural and interior design education, and honing his business skills, a rare combination in a practicing designer. This balance of training enabled Hazem to create a signature approach to his practice, combining classic influences and current trends into a seamless, elegant style.

   In 2009, he expanded the firm’s professional staff compliment to meet the demands of its increasing and varied portfolio of work here in Egypt and the region.

   Hazem’s primary role is to assist with the design, monitoring, and coordination of the many projects in the studio.

Hazem Mamdouh

Principal & Lead Architect